Be Active! Be Heard! Be Included!

Volunteer support is a key component to JMN’s success! Help us shape our programming and the Jewish community! Email us for volunteer opportunities.

JMN Volunteer Opportunities

Write for the JMN Blog. We’re looking for volunteers to write blog posts and diversity D’vars for the JMN Blog. You can write as little or as frequently as you’d like on topics relating to Jewish diversity, multiracial Jewish families, or personal blogs.

Become a JMN Ally. As we grow the JMN network we are looking for allies to help bring awareness about Jews of Color and multiracial Jews. Allies should be able to commit to quarterly ally meetings and, at times, should be able to represent JMN at some events and panel discussions throughout the year.

Help Edit the JMN Diversity Handbook. Last June JMN introduced the Diversity Handbook to JMN members and families at our Spring retreat. Our next step is to continue to make revisions and publish the Handbook by the end of 2014. We’re looking for dedicated individuals who can commit time and effort to seeing the Handbook to completion.

Social Media. JMN has a growing Social Media presence on Twitter and Facebook and is looking to continue to expand its reach. We hope to have 5000 Facebook likes and 1000 Twitter followers by the end of 2014. We are looking for a few volunteers who are social media savy to help Tweet and post on Facebook on behalf of JMN.

Video Editor and Recorder. JMN recorded a video during our Annual retreat that needs to be edited into a 2-3 minute video. The video is in it’s raw form and needs to be pieced together by someone who is experienced with video editing or someone who may not have “experience” but really likes to do it.

We are also looking for someone to record multi-media projects including interviews and discussions for the JMN website.

Programming. JMN is looking for a few volunteers to help plan and organize events in the NYC area. Past events have been bowling, picnics, trips to museums and happy hours, though we’re always looking for new and interesting ways to engage our multi-generational community in New York.