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Parshat Bo:
Escaping Limitations

The first Rebbe of Chabad, Rabbi Shneur Zalman (affectionately known as the Alter (old) Rebbe, is quoted as saying, “צייט דער מיט לעבן באדארף מען אז” (we must live with the times). According to the old chassidim, this means that one is to learn the parsha, then apply and live by it that week. This week’s parsha is Parshas Bo. The time has come for the Jews to leave Egypt, and Hashem tells Moshe Rabbeinu “Come (Bo) to Pharaoh”. The use of the term “come” as opposed to “go” seems quite peculiar and has been debated …

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Parshat Vaeira:
Be the Change

The first three Parshas of Sefer Shmos recount the story of the Jews exile in Egypt. In Parshas Shmos, Pharoah begins his campaign of slavery and genocide, and in Parshas Bo we are out of Egypt and under the protective cloud of Hashem. This week’s parsha comes between these two pivotal shifts in the condition of the Jewish people. Parshas Vaeira is the turning point and start of our journey from galus to geula. Parshas Shmos ends with Moshe Rabbeinu going to Pharaoh as instructed by Gd, to demand freedom…

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