JMN is a community of caring, enthusiastic and supportive members across the country. No matter their age, family make-up, or where our members fall on the religious spectrum, we continuously find ways to come together— to celebrate a simcha, socialize, support one another, or work to effect change. When the JMN community gets together it’s always an uplifting and lively time! Come and see for yourself by attending a JMN event in your community!

Suggested Community Events
  • A family friendly potluck dinner or desert party.
    • Invite local community members and their families over to your home to share in dinner or desert. You can ask others to bring food, drinks or even paper products. If you’d like to do a desert event you can ask others to bring different kinds of cookies or cakes and share them.
  • A Shabbat meal
    • Invite a few people into your home and host them for either Friday night or Saturday lunch. Cook up some of your favorite foods and welcome others to join you in your families tradition for Shabbat or create a new tradition with new friends.
  • Movie night
    • Rent a movie or go out to one and invite others to join you in watching it. This is a great opportunity for discussion within your community or with JMN friends. You could rent a movie with a theme related to Jewish Diversity or something to enjoy with the entire family.
  • Monthly or bimonthly book club
    • Have you always wanted a book club? Well this is a great way to read a variety of books, make new friends and learn something in the process. Pick a book from our list of resources or find one on your own. Host a discussion group about the book and really get to know others and find out about their thoughts.
  • Holiday Party
    • If your someone who loves the Jewish Holidays then why not throw a party. Invite a large group of JMNers over to your home or even a community room and celebrate the Jewish holiday together. For example you could have a costume party for Purim or have a group get together for Chanukah or just before the High holidays to celebrate the New Year.
  • Havdalah gathering
    • Maybe you want to start with something a little smaller. Invite JMN friends to gather and make havdalah on Saturday night with you. Gather together to say good bye to Shabbat. This is a great way to share a little bit of the sweetness of Shabbat before the start of a new week.

Please note not everyone keeps Kosher the same way. Please be aware of this and we encourage you to provide a kosher option at all events. If you have questions or concerns about this please contact the JMN board, we would be happy to assist you.